Thursday, August 5, 2010

French Barometer

So...I LOVE french baramoters
but I can not afford one right now...

so what's a girl to do?...
get creative, of course!

I found this barometer (in french) on ebay.
I'm not sure if it works, lol, but that's ok.

I hung onto it while I searched for something I liked to put it in, 
finally I found this clock -on ebay as well.

It had paint splatted on it and a lot of the gold had
been rubbed off over time, so I added a little more gold
-using this cool stuff:

Next, I popped out the barometer piece from it's wooden frame,
and removed the clock from it's "frame".

...and then married the two together!
 Here we are:
My version of a barometer

Hopefully it will hold me over until I can get a real one :0)
I'm happy with how it came out and it only costed around

Me and baby have made it to 32 weeks today!
I still can't believe it. We are excited and I am also nervous about
the whole delivery part! LOL -I know it will be fine-bc it has to be,
but I am still nervous. :0)


beckylbranch said...

Oh wow! That is beautiful and it looks SO much better after you fixed it all up!

Fallon said...


I would be nervous too! Everything will be just Fine though =)

The House That A-M Built said...

How lucky are you to have found a barometer that would fit in the clock space... it's gorgeous! Don't worry about the delivery... all part of the lovely memories of how your little angel comes into the world. Just think of the precious gift at the end of it all. Best advice: when they ask, "would you like an epidural or would you like to 'see how you go'?"... take the first option. They don't call it labour for nothin'. A-M xx