Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Backyard Reveal!!

....and now finally, here it is! Pictures of our new backyard!!

Here are some photos of Sophie helping her Popo Carlos lay the sod!

We put in a new "Mr. Lincoln" rose tree and we were blessed by a sweet mockingbird, who made a nest there! She laid two eggs but only one of them hatched. It was really awesome watching the baby bird grow up and fly out of his nest. The little bird grew up VERY quickly too!! I was really surprised at how fast it grew.

This is the view looking out onto the yard from our dining room. It really is a dream come true to finally have a lovely lush lawn, instead of rough, dusty rocks and annoying weeds!!

We are really loving our bougainvilleas! It's so lovely to have such a beautiful pop of color!

Now we continue our stroll down the sidewalk and towards the shed and playground!

I love that we have this play set for the kiddos! I will admit however that the sand is so messy!!!! The kiddos LOVE it; Mommy not as much, hehe.

Off to the side of the shed, we have a little garden guest :0)

now to my favorite spot!...I love the flagstone floor, it reminds me of home sweet home -San Antonio!
I'm still trying to find the perfect table for the gazebo, we do put up a folding banquet table for bbq's. Also, growing up each leg of the gazebo are "Joseph's Coat" climbing roses...can't wait until the roses grow nice and tall!!

Down at the end of the yard is a fountain, a very lovely and calming focal point.

This part of the yard is my favorite! It feels park like, which is what I was picturing in my mind when I designed it.

I remember standing out here amongst all the rocks, closing my eyes and pretending that I was surrounded by grass instead....Thank you Lord for my yard! 

and finally the view looking back towards the house from under the gazebo. This photo was taken before we put that monstrous  play set together!

I hope you enjoyed the journey as much as we did :0)
Thanks for stopping by my humble blog, God bless.

Just to refresh your memory here is what it used to look like: