Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Closet Are Done!

Since Sher gets to have the whole garage as a workshop
it's VERY important to utilize any storage space inside the house...

This is the Before of our hall closet:
Not very useful!
Here's the after!
Lots of space for sheets, fabrics and towels or anything else
I'd like to put in here..

Our master bedroom closet was underutilized also.
It had insufficient , wimpy metal shelving that
wasn't even properly attached.
So I designed and Sher built!

Wonderful sturdy shelving,
makes such a huge difference in there!

Here's the before of the main wall of the closet:
(it's hard to get good pictures of the space)

Here's the after!
The whole closet feels great, as if we added square footage!
We still have a little unpacking to do, so those shelves won't be empty for long.
I'm so glad we finally got this done so that the unpacking can hopefully
end soon?!? heehee
The shelves can be moved around to our liking, which I really love.
I think Sher did a fantastic job making my drawing come to life :0)

Now that we are done with these closets we can start funner projects!
Like: side tables or chairs or a dining room mirror or sideboard...etc. etc.
the list goes ON AND ON AND ON....:0)

Saturday, September 19, 2009

A Few Projects Done:

I was able to mark off a couple of "to make" things off of my list!!

Here he is: A Paper Monster! ...jk
Although your guesses we good Vicki, I was making a Mummy! lol :0)

I should have made him more straight lined, but he's curvy..
so what hehe..I'm curvy too! HAHA

The cardboard haunted house in the background is a project from a couple years ago..
This next project is one I've wanted to do for a while, because I am sweet obsessed!
I collect ceramic cakes and pies and love the candy/sweets Halloween and Christmas themes!
All those little candies you see around the mummy are handmade by me..told you I was obsessed LOL

The best compliment I have received though is when my mom came over last year after I had just made the candies and she popped one of the caramels into her mouth!!
She had the funniest look when she ran into foam clay and not a soft, delicious caramel!!

So anyway, this project is perfect for me and I LOVE it!!!

I used a scrap of old sheet I had...just cut, painted and sewed a tube:

This little guy I made a couple years ago, but he's so cute I had to share :0)

Coming up I will share the photos of the finally finished closets!
As for's time to grill up some burgers! YUM.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Lovely Weather Makes Me Wanna Craft!

Ahhhh..I love this time of year!!!

The weather is slightly changing, mornings and evenings are gorgeous..
and hopefully soon the days will follow lol

I always get the crafting bug this time of year..usually I'm making Christmas goodies in July -but this year I didn't have the time...

Now I'm in a rush to hurry and settle our things into this home so I can get to the fun part:
Halloween, Thanksgiving, and CHRISTMAS!!!

I've made my Halloween "to make" list and am trying to knock each item down.
I'm SO excited because this year I get to decorate outside!!

Here's the beginning of one of the first projects:
Any idea what this might be??

We are also almost finished up with our closets and one of our bathrooms has gotten a little face lift ; I shall be sharing pics of both soon!
Happy Friday and have a great weekend!!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Our Workshop is Up and Running!

Yay!! Our shop is up and running, we passed the electric inspection so now we can get busy!
Sher hasn't decided on his final layout yet we just arranged it the best we could- he'll work in it and then decide how he wants it to flow.

To break in the tools and the new space, he made me 2 cool new cutting boards!
When Bekky my sister saw them she went nuts and insists that they are the coolest and she needs one! haha

I love watching the wood get oiled up and seeing how it just bursts into life!

Everything that we make gets branded with this cool branding iron I bought for Sher a couple years ago..
Right now we are working on outfitting our closets with custom shelving, finally! --
Then I can finally finish unpacking! woohoo!! :0)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My FAVORITE piece...(so far)

I thought I'd share my absolute favorite piece of furniture today:0)

btw..isn't Sher sweet? He brought me the most beautiful roses!
He always chooses the most beautiful colors too!
So...This is my absolute favorite, had to have it,
always dreamed of it - drooled over it in pictures
-wished for it endlessly piece of furniture that I wanted!

But; we could only make square things at the time...THEN one day Sher got a band saw!!
...and my dream was going to come true!!

We both wish now that we had taken more pictures of the process...but this is the only one we have. ....
Here it is in the "gluing up" process ...

I kid you not..but the first time I saw it dry fitted together I got teary eyed!!
haha!! I was so HAPPY & EXCITED!!!

After it was glued up we beat it a little and made "worm holes" on it and then stained it and finished up with amber shellac.
We didn't have much in those days as far as furniture goes. We had the bed and a
few paintings I did to try and cover the awful white walls of our rental..
Here it is again :0) Every time I walk by it I smile, it is still my most favorite piece so far...Sher has made a lot of beautiful things and many more to come but this commode is my absolute FAVE! I still can't believe that I got it!