Thursday, April 23, 2009

SO Close!

This morning I found this sofa and a matching chair on craigslist...
FOR 75 BUCKS!!.. right away began to dreammm (my fave past time btw).....

I could re-cover them with buttery colored fabric or something and make them SUPER CUTE!
Similar to this:

Or go crazy and have a toile chair like this:

SoooOoOO after a couple hours of trying to make an appointment with the seller AND figure out when I could arrange pick up for them AND get to the other side of town!
I was told that the seller has changed their mind!!

AHH!! WHAAAAT?!?!?!?!

LOL! saaaad! It wasn't meant to be, but I'm still hoping she'll change her mind AGAIN!

Well...when something like this happens I always believe that it's because something bigger and better is on the horizon!
I'm looking forward to seeing what that is!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Hello! Well I thought I'd start this up and post the various projects we are working on. There's always one thing or another in the works :0) We try to make most things ourselves, if possible...and I'm pretty blessed because Sher (my DH) can make me almost any piece of furniture I want. We have yet to learn how to carve though and we need to work on our upholstery skills. lol.

I know Easter has already passed but Spring is still here so I will show you my Easter project.
I came across this cute platter surrounded by baby chicks at the store and really liked it but I refrained myself from buying it.

A couple weeks later though we ran into each other again! it was meant to be so the baby chicks came home with me! I really loved it, but I thought the chicks could be a little cuter and the paint job needed some cleaning up - so out came the paint brushes...

So here they are all gussied up! The little baby girl chicks even got their lashes curled. hehe
I REALLLY love it now and it's completely my own. I love putting my touch on things :0)

About a week later I found this platter online for $89.00!! Mine was a LOT cheaper and in my opinion cuter, although I do love their little feet!

Well I hope everyone enjoyed Easter :0)
Like I said, even though it has passed I'm going to keep my chickies out a little longer simply because I love them. You should surround yourself with things you love, so my chicks are staying!

I'll post more of our past handmade projects soon.
Take care,