Friday, August 27, 2010

~Dresser/Changing table~

Here's a look at the dresser/changing table we
designed and built for our little cutie.

I didn't want to make a changing table. We wanted the piece
of furniture to be able to grow with her, so we built a tray for
the changing pad. Once she is out of diapers -the dresser will still be 
a dresser and I will have a nice tray to use around the house!

These are the three dresser designs that I loved:

So, we took what we loved and designed our version:

Here are some pics of the process.

We used heavy duty, soft close drawer slides so that 
she won't be able to smash her fingers in the drawers as easily. They can also
support quite a bit of weight -in case we have a  monkey on our hands, lol.

Here are the drawer fronts..

At this point I primed, painted and glazed it while the cherry top 
was being finished.

Then, voila! (lol) finished dresser!

We also got another thing done and marked off the list.
-Made a  frame for the Ballooning over Paris print.

I really love this print, I could just stare at it all day long. It still
isn't hung because not all of the pieces for the room are done, but we 
are a lot closer!!


maría cecilia said...

Hola Debbie, how adorable!!! your darling little one will be safe and confortable in it!!!
maria cecilia

Room Service ~ Decorating 101 said...

You guys continue to amaze me !!!! So talented. I can't wait to see this room done.

Fallon said...

I'm sure you get tired of hearing it from me, but you guys are crazy talented. I hope you use your skills to make some money on the side! Just fantastic stuff everytime!

Screaming Meme said...

I LOVE IT! So talented and creative! I'm Meme from Sxcreaming Meme... I wanted to personally invite you over to my blog...It is a design blog all about slipcovers, DIYs, and my Interior Design work...Hope to see you there! Meme

maría cecilia said...

Hola Debbie, when is little Sophie coming??? Would love to know so I don´t miss her in her first pictures you post.
hugs and joy to the family
maria cecilia

Lindy said...

No way -- I am totally blown away! This is gorgeous! What talent. I can't believe you had such nice things to say about my talent...what were you thinking?

Things That Inspire said...

WOW - I am very impressed! And, I love your philosophy of using a piece of furniture that is the correct height, one that you can use when your daughter is done with the diapers, which in the whole scheme of things is really not that long.

I resisted the idea of getting a changing table - I also used a dresser - and it all worked out great. Sometimes the 'baby industry' makes you think that you have to get certain things for a nursery, and it simply isn't true.

Unknown said...

Handmade Kitchens

Beautiful blue for the dresser and love the touch of blue on the inside of the French tables. I love all these collections.