Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Shower Fun

We were blessed enough to get to have 2 showers.
One in San Antonio and one in Las Vegas.

Here are some pics of the Vegas shower

Our favors were little take out boxes with a tag that read:
"Thank you for coming to celebrate our little cupcake"
and inside was a mini chocolate cupcake.


 We played a few games, opened presents and had a good time. :0)

The poopy diaper game looks way grosser in photos 
than it actually was, lol.

These are pics from our San Antonio shower:

diaper cakes

cute mom


This shower was a lot of fun too :0)
 A huge thank you to everybody who helped us celebrate our 
little Sophie...she'll be here before we know it!!


maría cecilia said...

God bless your baby, you and your husband my darling Debbie!!!!!!!

Fallon said...

Ohhh how cute!! Looks like a lovely time =)