Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Our Tree is Up!

me and the kiddos decorated our Christmas tree this morning, now the house smells like Christmas!

I used my tablet to snap a few photos to share..although the kiddos were not very cooperative!

Here's what happened when I asked them to stay still:

HAHAHA! Josh is semi still :

Then, here is what happened when I asked them to hug each other;
a mini wrestling match occurred..

Although Sophie did manage to sneak in a choke hold hug while she smiled at the camera!

Poor Joshie wanted out of that hug so badly!


And here are a few more of our decorating time together.
We used all shatter proof ornaments this year so that they could be involved in the decorating without Mommy having a heart attack,making less mess and to save our precious glass ornaments!


-Debra Lea

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone has a love filled beautiful day.
I believe the key to life is thankfulness and appreciation of everything the Lord has made and shared with us, let's remember to do that on more than just one day a year and we shall all smile a lot more!!

I'm so excited to cook and watch the Macy's parade with my little cuties, I dreamed about it for years and am always so thankful each year that it is a reality!! :D

Here are a few of my favorite Thanksgiving goodies that I created this year.

Jumbo Turkey Cupcake

 Pilgrim Sugar Cookie Set

 Pilgrim Hat Cupcake

 Turkey Leaf Cupcake

 Indian Feather Cupcake

Native Sugar Cookie Set

God bless!

Much Love,
Debra Lea

Monday, November 24, 2014


Hello Everyone!
Sorry to have dropped off the radar for a bit but we finally moved to Texas!
We still can't believe it ourselves and are still slowly settling in.

More posts will be coming soon, now it's time to prepare for a lovely Thanksgiving!

God bless!

-Debra Lea

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Getting Creative with Cookie Cutters

When I create my secret recipe fake cookies, it's a lot like the real deal, real cookie cutters are used and each cookie is lovingly handmade one at a time.

I don't have very many Thanksgiving themed cookie cutters and I didn't like many that I found while shopping about, so what's a girl to do? 

I then came across Sweet Sugar Belle via Pinterest
This girl is amazing! Following that link you can see how many uses she shows for a simple pumpkin cookie cutter! She inspired me to pull out my cutters and try looking at them in a different creative light. I then traced around their shapes onto paper and started brainstorming!

Using a cupcake cookie cutter set I had, a bunny head and my trademark large snowman, I came up with some pretty cool pilgrim shapes, if I do say so myself! :0)

I am partial to the Indian part of Pilgrim and Indians for Thanksgiving, they are close to my heart.
Using a cupcake shape and a bunny head cutter I came up with two cool designs!

I kept on diggin in my stash and came up with a few more designs:
These are done using a Halloween tombstone shaped cutter, another bunny head and a large gingerbread boy cutter.

Sophie helped me bake up a batch of these Thanksgiving faux cookies and I can't wait to start painting them! I will share photos of how they came out soon!

Thanks for spending some time with me today and I hope your inspired to look at things in a different and creative way too!

-Debra Lea

Friday, October 24, 2014

Smell My Feet..

Trick or Treat!
I'm really loving these fake candies!!
If you have a friend or maybe a coworker that is always dipping into your stash, this would be a great way to prank them!

I have certainly fooled my family and friends with my creations, and my poor kiddos think everything is fake!! heehee..

These have been on my "must create" list for quite some time and I finally got to make them this year! They look just like their real life cousins and look fabulous as bowl fillers and decor props, plus  pesky critters have no interest in them whatsoever!

ok, gotta go find some real chocolate to munch on now...;0)

Have a fabulous day!

-Debra Lea

Monday, October 20, 2014

Funny or Gross?

When I saw these rats the idea for these cupcakes automatically popped into my mind.
Some might find it a little gross but to me it's pretty hilarious!

For those that know me, I've had my moments of playing jokes on my loved ones and creating these cupcakes brought back funny memories for me..haha!

One time, I came up with the brilliant idea to fool my sister. You see, when it came to sweet bread she would just jump right into it with a huuuge bite, so really my plan was guaranteed to succeed!!
(with odds like that how could I  not go ahead with my plan, right?)

My plan was: to buy some pan de huevo, which is a Mexican sweet bread and inject it with green and black colored water so that it would look perfectly tasty on the outside but once bitten would look as if it was all disgusting and molded!!! yuckkkk...hahaha

(Omgosh, as I write this I can't help but reminisce and laugh out loud!)
Sure enough, my sister walks in and is all excited to see some delicious sweet bread, grabs the one perfectly positioned for her and takes a huuuuuuuuge bite!

She realizes that her bread is somehow all disgusting and moldy inside and starts freaking out!
She spits all of her bread out, on the floor and starts trying to rid her mouth of any tiny morsel that is left and gagging herself while screaming that she's going to die!

In the meantime, I am totally laughing my butt off unable to control myself, I'm a total snorting and laughing mess and it's awesome!!! hahaha

Gosh I sure do treasure that memory, it went off so perfectly! It was a masterpiece. ;0)
(I know you still love me Li, I love you too)

So, back to the cupcakes! That's what I think about when I look at these creations and needless to say, I surely walk away with a broad smile upon my face!! haha

Thanks for spending time with me today, I hope you had a little laugh!

-Debra Lea

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Spooky Ghosts

Hi! Hope your having a great week so far!

Today I'm going to share my Ghost Creations! I had so much fun making these and they really bring smiles to everyone's faces!

Last year I made some single ghost cupcakes, and made a few more this year sitting in fun colored frosting borders.

Then I had a thought, "what about a whole family of ghosts? Trios of ghosts? Maybe a cute couple?"

Therefore these cute concoctions were born!

Gaggle of Ghosts

I love how each cupcake is it's own unique piece of art, 
and every little ghost seems to have his very own personality too!

How can you not smile?? :0)
I might just have to make some real counterparts to these, marshmallow ghosts might just be completely yummy, don't you think?!

Hope you enjoyed our ghostly buddies!
Thanks for spending time with me today!

-Debra Lea

Friday, October 10, 2014

One Eyed, One Horned Flying Purple People Eater

"One Eyed, One Horned Flying Purple People Eater,"

That is the song that pops into my mind each time I look at these crazy one eyed monster cupcakes!

It totally cracks me

Like most of my holiday items these are totally one of a kind creations, but are playful cousins.

These would be pretty interesting Halloween food if made into real cupcakes!
They were so much fun to make, hope you enjoy!

Thanks for stopping by!

-Debra Lea

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

New Website!

Hello Everyone, Happy October!!
I'm so glad the holiday season is here, it's my favorite time of the year!
For us the holiday season always starts with Sophie's Birthday in September and then ends with the New Year.

We are celebrating the upcoming season with a website of our very own!

I'm so excited and love the look of the site :0)
 We'd love it if you stop by and check it out! 

You can sign up for our newsletter and receive exclusive discount 
codes and updates!

Have a blessed day and thanks for stopping by!

-Debra Lea

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

She's Mellllllltttingggggg!!!!!!

I love being a goofball...because it means I can derive pleasure from the goofiest things!
Which of course makes life more enjoyable, haha ;0)

99.9% of my items are one of  a kind because I hand make most of the embellishments used on them, so I sit and make a batch of what inspires me and I just don't know if I will remake any. 

So if you see something you like, grab it before it's gone! :0)

I just created some new witch themed fake cupcakes and they really crack me up!
It all started out with the witch crash legs and I am so loving the way they came out!!

I wanted the frosting to look like the underside of a fancy dress, 
because my witches are fun witches and they love to get all dolled up!

Then this idea popped into my mind!..How about a melting witch?!
How lucky are they to be melting into delicious frosting? hehe

I LOVE these so much! Every time I look at them I can't help but to start singing,
"ding dong the witch is dead..mean old la la"

Now that you have that song in your head too, here is another smile maker to enjoy!
This cupcake really makes me laugh because if you look closely the cupcake liner looks like it is her legs, and makes her completely adorable!

I hope you enjoyed my ladies as much as I have enjoyed creating them!

Thanks for stopping by!

-Debra Lea

Friday, September 19, 2014


I have been wanting to create these little guys for some time, and now they are finally here!
I LOVE holding something that only once lived in my imagination!

I hope ya'll love them too!
I only made two, and each are one of a kind creations.

Each spider is sitting on top of a jumbo sized cupcake.

I swear, I can just imagine these guys prancing right off the cupcakes and doing a little tap dance for us! :-D

Thanks for stopping by, I will be sharing more Halloween creations with you soon!

 -Debra Lea

Monday, September 15, 2014

Dia De Los Muertos

I will be sharing some new creations with you all, this time around we have some Day of The Dead theme cupcakes. These small skulls were hand painted and then applied to the faux cupcakes.

I even made some hand made mini roses!
I hope you like them, It was so fun painting the "sugar skulls!"

This one is a bride and Groom, hence the love in his eyes.

These will be going up in my shop!
Just like most of my items, they are truly One Of A Kind.

Thanks for stopping by!

-Debra Lea

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Faux Cookies

I'm working on an awesome project, I'ms o excited because I have been wanting to make one for quite some time.

Recently a lovely customer asked if I could make her a Gingerbread house, and I of course said, "yes!"

So in preparation of dressing up the little house I will be making lots of candies and cookies and such to go on the is a sneak peek at some cookies. I was so pleased with how they came out that I wanted to share them with you all. :0)

Can you tell between the real cookies and the fake ones?
This is going to be such an awesome project!!

Thanks for stopping by, have a joyous weekend!

-Debra Lea