Thursday, January 13, 2011

Craigslist Treasures

I was browsing craigslist last week..didn't think I'd find anything
interesting- but I did!

I found a pair of these french chairs

I contemplated with myself about whether I needed them or not,
Then I googled (talked myself into them) inspiration photos of
similar chairs...such as:

I couldn't stop thinking about them so I decided to just go check them 
out and if they were rickety I just wouldn't buy them!
..*plugs in halo*

So I went to "check them out" and walked away with 3 chairs instead of 2, lol.
3 chairs for $60..not bad really :0)

Here's what the third chair looks like:

It has super cute details..for 20 bucks I just couldn't pass it up!!
This one will probably get painted -I'm not sure yet..and a cushion needs
to be made up for the seat.

So anyway...back to the pink chairs...
I was a little nervous about tackling this upholstery job but
decided to just jump right in and figure out the puzzle.

Here's what I have done so far to the poor thing:
(looks bad -but I promise it will get better!)

I've been thinking about putting a piece of toile that I have on the back of the chair
and then finishing the rest of the chair in a creamy chenille.

I propped the toile into the back and can't decide if I like it or not!
any thoughts?
Here's a pic of that...

and here's what the chenille looks like:
(it's on it's way to me-hurry! hurry!)

I could also paint the wood..but I'm using light fabrics so I don't want it to
be too plain..anyone have any thoughts? 

Thanks in advance for your thoughts:0) They are very much appreciated!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Sher's Mom's Room Makeover

I'm posting this a little late but promised I'd share it.
We found out in November that Sher's mom would finally be 
able to come to the US..all the paperwork was done..
but her room wasn't! LOL..

It was our "junk room" so miraculously with the help of my super talented sister Delilah 
and her crazy storage organization skills I was able
to get the room emptied out,
THANKS DELI!! Could not have don't that without you!!

So after that adventure we were left with the shell of the room we
called the "enchilada room" because of the (ugly)orange color it was painted.

Sher was so anxious to get started that he ripped out the chair rail and 
carpet before I could get pics!
(we had like 2.5 weeks to get it all done-including making the flooring!)
We then wired for a chandelier, gave the room a fresh coat of paint and decided to do the trim 
treatment we used in Sophie's room.

I don't have any pictures of the flooring install because I was entertaining Sophie during all of that!

Here are some photos of her finished room with walnut floors
and some curtains I sewed up. I added some artwork I painted a couple years ago,
some side tables and lamps.
...and voila -done in time! 

~ well almost, hehe...
...her mattresses arrived the day after she came in and
 I finished the curtains a few days after that..hehe

It was really important to us to have a nice room for her to come to,
so she could feel at home, comfortable and welcome.
I'm so thankful we finished on time!!
(Thanks God!)

We will be building her a bed eventually, it's on "the list," lol.
Next we will be working on a coffee table and dining table, then flooring for the 
living room and hall areas....slowly the beautiful wood floors are spreading
throughout the house.

Now that Christmas has passed though I'm constantly dreaming of the patio and backyard
 and everything I'd like to do there...*sigh* it's on the list. :0)

Now just because I am so in love with this little one, here are a few pics of
Sophie ( my little baldy), she will already be 4 months old in 9 days! ..Time flies..

I hope everyone is having a beautiful new year!
God bless you all, and thanks for dropping by!