Monday, June 29, 2009

Our First Place!

We've been busy moving and painting and cleaning and trimming lol!

Thank God for dollies and hand trucks!!!

We finally bit the bullet and bought our first home. ....We'd like to move out of Las Vegas someday but for now this is home sweet home :0)
These are some pics off the listing, it needs some work but we have a lot of plans for it :0)

The home has a 2 car garage but it's as big as a 3 car because of extra space in the back of it, so Sher is very excited since this will be his new shop space!
(from which I will get plenty of goodies made, woohoo!)
These uglyyy and dusty curtains have already come down - and with a new coat of paint called "popcorn" the living space already looks and feels better and more like our own.
..we'll post those pics soon...
The kitchen is actually bigger than it looks here, it seems as if the previous owners never even used it ! LOL
I have great dreams for this space...Sher will be making me new cabinets and we want to change the flooring also.
I can't wait for it to become a French Country dream :0)
One of the biggest reasons we love this house is the Las Vegas having a backyard is almost non existent so we were so excited when we saw this BIG one!
The spa needs work and the patio is nice and huge, can't wait to have bbq's out here!
The yard needs a lot of work -but it also has a lot of potential...
We've already trimmed up some of the trees and we'd like to have a pool back here someday and some GRASS!!
So there it is, as I write it already looks better than these pics so I'll have to take some new ones to show you :0)
Inside Sher wants to make mahogany doors throughout and eventually hard wood floors for most of the space, the bathrooms and kitchen will probably get something other than wood though.
I've gotta get going now, I have tons of trim to paint :0)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Come On In, Have a Seat...

We need chairs!!
Building them is a lot more complicated than it looks lol!
This is how far we have made it on our first chair:

As soon as it is done, it will be the comfiest thing because Sher molded the back to exactly fit me!
Figuring out the angles in which to attach the seat part of the chair is the challenge though...
So this comfy back has been sitting on the sidelines of woodworkville for a while.

This will be what it looks like whenever we get them done, except they will be made of cherry wood - and finished in a natural way to allow the aging process to take place and grow into a lovely rich patina..
These look great in so many colors, I especially like the green:
Once we have our chairs built, Sher is going to make me some kid sized ones!
I can't wait for that!! I think I look forward to the kid size chairs more than the regular sized ones haha...
So, since our chair project is hanging out on the sidelines, Sher tells me I should pick some easier chairs to make first. Then with them under our belt we could tackle our dream chairs and their crazy angles..
Do these look any simpler??....
(*plugs in her halo*)

or these??
Perhaps I could paint something on the back piece since we are not carvers LOL
And this one is nice, but the upholstery takes it out of the running..for now...

This one has a lot of carving detail...perhaps we could simplify those?
Well....maybe not, since that 's the whole point of this chair!...

This one is a little more straight lined...

Hmm....Do these look simple?? haha...

Then we come to Bar stools....need some of those too!
...I like the back on these, but not the legs!
These are nice too...also love the color ..
I guess I just don't like simple chairs??...Haha, poor dear husband...
He has such a long list of things to make and I can't find any boring chairs to like. :0)
Only interesting, carved and curvy chairs catch my eye!

Hopefully he will pick one of these, or maybe we can even mix and match and come up with something... We WILL conquer this and make some awesome chairs!
But right now all I know for sure is..
We need chairs!!!

Monday, June 1, 2009

I'm CrAzy For These!

I don't know what it is but I'm just crazy about these!! I just totally love anything to do with trees, leaves or birds lol...Living in Vegas I don't have much need for this coat tree/rack, but isn't  it just the coolest one you've ever seen!?!?!

...And these cuties!!! I love how they are all crooked and curvy!

But this one!!! the big daddy!!! I LOVE IT!!!! I would LOVE having this cool lamp in my art room!! LOL...I have to drool for now though..but I'll definitely be dreaming about this one!
Too bad I can't just make my own hehe