Thursday, June 5, 2014

French Macarons

You know, I love collecting beautiful cake stands..
but I don't make cake everyday...
so they get lonely!

My lovely cake stands have no reason to be lonely anymore!

I  finally finished my Faux French Macarons
Now they can keep my cake plates and stands nice and cozy in between real sweet treats!

..AND! They look lovely with the french country decor that I adore so much!

I made a rainbow of  "flavors."

Vanilla Bean - Chocolate - Strawberry

Orange - Lemon

Apricot - Pistachio

Green Tea - Aqua Vanilla Bean
Because I LOVE Aqua! ;0)

They are also available in my shop!

God Bless!

-Debra Lea

1 comment:

Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

All of your faux bakery items are so amazingly realistic looking! I hope nobody breaks a tooth while sneaking a bite! lol!