Monday, June 16, 2014

Texas Vacation- San Antonio Pt1!

The most beautiful music to my ears while in Texas was hearing my sweet little Sophie say, "I love San Antonio, Mommy!!" That warmed my heart so much!! San Antonio is my Home Sweet Home and I have been waiting to share this wonderful city with my kids for what seems like forever, but it's really only been since their birth which hasn't actually been that long of a wait, right?! hehe ;0)

We of course couldn't miss the zoo, this will always be my favorite zoo since it's where I grew up!
Sophie and josh couldn't pass up a chance to sit on a komodo dragon either!

Me and my husband Sher once saw one of these creatures in Malaysia, just crawling out of a water ditch and into a little neighborhood park lake! It was amazing and I was so glad to be up above it on a bridge looking down upon him. I will never forget his majestic swag as he climbed out of the water. 

San Antonio Zoo has this really great Butterfly exhibit, there are beautiful butterflies in there from all over the world! It's a magical place and I usually get lucky and have a butterfly land on me! 

This butterfly fell asleep on my shirt! I had to actually nudge it up and place it on a near by tree to enjoy the rest of it's nap. So sweet!

The zoo is full of all kinds of birds that are free to roam around and choose to live there.

 I dubbed this bird the "Sher bird" because it was sporting a hairdo similar to Sher's that day.

This bird and that nest were massive!

A little snack time

This was the bravest squirrel I've ever seen! He was sitting in the Lion's food dish and stealing the Lion's lunch!

I wish I was back there :0) The second I drive or fly away I'm already homesick.
Thanks for stopping by!! God bless.

-Debra Lea

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