Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Texas Vacation - Dallas!

We started off and ended our vacation in Dallas.
We have been wanting to visit there in hopes of maybe relocating someday!

We had about three days there, divided into one and a half at the beginning of our trip and at the end of our trip. In between Dallas we visited San Antonio and Corpus Christi, it was a lot of driving but it was a blast!

Here is Josh starting his day off with some salsa. People don't believe me when I tell them he LOVES salsa, so here's a little proof! haha

While in Dallas we got to visit the Arboretum, it was such a beautiful place!! I wanted to stay  longer but Our youngest Josh had other plans! hehe
My husband had the camera and he spent most of his time taking pics of the squirrels!! LOL

We sat here in the grass, looking towards the lake. I look forward to visiting here again, it was so beautiful lush and green, everything we don't have in the desert.

On our return to Dallas we visited the Ft. Worth Zoo.
Now, my husband loves squirrels  but I love Giraffes!!
They are so beautiful, I really didn't want to leave this spot, I could have watched them all day long!

Here is Sophie's favorite animal and she was over the moon when she noticed there not one but there were TWO baby elephants!

I forget the name of this bird, but he was big and interesting!

I enjoyed the lovely trees and all the nice shade at this zoo.
Notice that scary thing in the background!?!
Thank you Lord that they are not really that size!! Ewwww!

Beautiful big turtles, another family fave.

We departed Dallas in the afternoon so we snuck in some fun that morning and went to the Dallas World Aquarium. It was a pretty cool place! It's downtown and by looking at it from the outside you'd never imagine what was inside! Our camera died while we were there but we got a couple photos in first.

Here we have a stork.

A gorgeous colored bird

In the middle of this place it was like a rain forest full of wonderful plants and animals such as monkeys roaming around. Before the camera died we took this photo of a really unique flower that was growing on a tree and of the kiddos staring at a verrry big crocodile.

Thanks for stopping by! I will share some of our San Antonio/Corpus visit in a few days.
Take care and God bless!

-Debra Lea

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Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

Our family really needs to take a trip to Dallas! My husband has been for work, but the kids and I have never been. You've given me some good ideas for places to visit!