Friday, May 30, 2014

Behind The Scenes

 Here is a little sneak peek behind the scenes when I try to take photos of my fake goodies!
My two cuties fight over who can sit closer to the cupcakes, haha

Here Sophia is sad because she really wants to be in the picture or "help" in some way.
As you can see by that serious drool inspiring stare, Joshua just wants to take a bite!
hahaha, my poor they must feel tortured!

A sweet smile from my Sophia. :0)

Sophie is so used to fake sweets being around the house that she constantly asks whether something is real or not, and for a while I was actually able to get away with telling her candy or cookies at the store weren't real either!!! What a bad mother, right?


I did bake them some real cookies today, so don't feel too bad for my cuties! ;0)

Thanks for spending a few moments with us!

-Debra Lea 

1 comment:

Windlost said...

Haha. Gorgeous children and treats!! Yum.
Yes they must be very confused about real candy. Haha.
Xox Terri