Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sher's Newest Addition

Sher has been wanting a better dust collection system for a while now.
He recently acquired a new, more powerful  table saw
at a stellar price ($200 instead of $1400).
Since getting that saw, his old small dust collector just couldn't keep up.
So...along came the big monster.

This thing is HUGE.
It's over 9 ft. tall and HEAVY!

Here is how it arrived, nicely packaged in boxes..
little did I know of the crazy days ahead LOL

Then we unpacked it and started assembling it. ...
Our first thought was to use a winch to lift the motor part up and then attach it to the

Haha, yeah right...the monster was too tall for our ceilings.
That thing was SSSSOOO heavy!!
Did I say that already?
LOL, there were also a lot of nuts and bolts to line up, while trying to
support the weight.

Anyway, plan #1 didn't work so we had to think up plan #2.

Sher had to cut out a hole in the ceiling so it could stand.
He cut the opening and then drywalled it so the noise could
be muffled a bit.

Then we laid the big monster down:

Then attached the top motor (heaviest) part to it (so much easier).
Sher then had the brilliant idea of using the winch to hoist the big monster
up onto it's feet. ...voila:

There he is in his new home...taking better care of our lungs and
keeping the shop much much cleaner!
It really is a powerful and wonderful tool to have in the shop.

Sher also added ducting to all the tools for the dust collection. It was
quite the job and took forever hehe..

Looks good though, he's extremely happy about it, so I'm happy too.

I'm so glad that this is completed! woohoo!
He's working on a clamp rack now - I'm listening to the saws going as  I type :0)
Thennn! We will be back to building stuff again!

The laundry room is going to be our next big project. We decided on tackling it
and hopefully learning a lot, so then we can apply what we've learned to
our kitchen redo.

We are looking  forward to the adventure.
Wish us luck! :0)

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maría cecilia said...

That IS a monster, as you say, Debbie... but I think for your work and taking care of the dust going into your lungs, it is worth the hard work you had to do. Congrats!!!!
maria cecilia