Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Any Thoughts?

This photo is my inspiration:

Me and Sher would love to have a spot out in the yard like this!

So...these are our 2 options:
 This gazebo is an octagon with 43 sq. ft. of inner space,
according to the description.

The second choice is 8'square:

I love the shape the look of the octagon, but can't decide whether it is too busy or not, and
also whether it is spacious enough.
As  for the second choice it would have more room because of the open legs.
It has a cute top, but I don't like the legs.
Decision, decisions...
Any Thoughts?


Windlost said...

I like the look of the octagon, but think it is better suited to a flowery English garden. The square seems more simple for a modern home and also more spacious, as you mentioned! Great ideas! xo Terri

maría cecilia said...

Hola!!! I love both gazebos, but do to my romantic side I just love the first one!!!!
Maria Cecilia
(I´m here for the first time browsing through your beautiful blog)

Dayka Robinson said...

I agree about the legs on the square one, but that's the one that gives you the most space. Quite a dilemma, but I'm sure either will be beautiful!