Saturday, January 9, 2010

More Inspiration...

We've been having some lovely weather here lately.
Since the holidays are over I am stuck on dreaming of spring time,
and what to do with our long boring patio!!

Here are some inspirational photos that are helping us
come up with what we'd like to get done out there:

First, we need a little space for garden tool storage.
Since Sher doesn't share his garage with me lol, I've gotta
have him build something to house the tools!

Perhaps something like this could work:

Then we need some furniture.
A place to hang out ,eat , and lounge around:

We are planning on building an outdoor table and then perhaps tiling
the top. If we do decide to tile -I am thinking of hand painting the tiles
in some sort of design. ...It's still in the works..

Just like indoors, we need chairs outdoors too! lol

And of course, the something to lounge on:

It'd also be nice to see each other at night, right? :0)

I'm in LOVE with this chandelier.
It's from Pottery Barn and of course not available anymore.
No problemo though! I've kinda got something up my sleeve.


Putting up some lanterns is also in the plan:

This gorgeous birdhouse from Velvet and Linen really inspires me!
I'd LOVE to have something like this out there.

I also want to maybe doctor up these birdcages:

 To look closer like these birdcages:

or these:

Then hang them on the wall or from the ceiling.
I haven't made my mind up yet...

Then using this as inspiration I'm trying to come up with something to
make that would be a good pediment.

Then we gotta build some of these,

....And one of these..(Sher got the hammock for Christmas minus the stand, lol).

To have something like this in the yard would be so awesome...
and so very magical at night..

..and then last but not  least,
Toby the turtle!
...Why not, right?!

Whew, there's tons on the list! Hopefully we can get some of the major things done
in time for spring. It's supposed to get cooler here soon -which is just
gonna make me dream harder!

Have a great weekend!


Kelly @ Much To Do With Nothing said...

You're so lucky to build your own furniture. Especially if you build the outdoor stuff. It's so expensive!
Thanks for stopping by blog. You asked who makes the fabric I used for the ladderback chair. I have no idea who makes it. There's no writing down the side of it either. I've also never seen it anywhere before. So sorry I couldn't help.
All of your patio ideas are absolutely beautiful.

Dayka Robinson said...

So many plans, but what a blessing that you guys can build your own furniture--that's really the most expensive part! I wish I knew how to make furniture by hand, but I have to settle for refinishing instead. Can't wait to see the finished patio!

Pam @ bibbidi-bobbidi-beautiful said...

How jealous am I that you get nice weather in January! I still have snow outside!