Friday, November 20, 2009

Our New Mantle!

We finally have a mantle!
Here is a bad, sad picture of what was:

This is what the house came with.
It's not very exciting lol
There was no place to display anything or hang up stockings!
~No place for stockings is just not gonna fly in my home~

So my lovely and talented husband
built a mantle for us :0)

He was kind enough to put up with my craziness. He followed my vision
and thankfully is great in math, (I wanted it at an un-standard angle)
and was able to figure out some crazy angles.

Here's our new mantle:

I painted the ugly gold that was on the doors black so it'd just blend in.
The molding we chose has oak leaves and tiny acorns on the bottom
and egg and dart on the top.
~and was on sale for $20~

With the nice topper and a coat of fresh paint it is
 such a huge improvement on what was there before!
now Santa can find our stockings!! hehe

I'm looking forward to dressing it up more, especially for the holidays
but I have a billion other small projects I'm trying to get done before Thanksgiving!

Have a great weekend!


Fallon said...

God love your handy husband! My house didn't come with a fireplace so we just bought an electic one. Yours is beautiful and the after blows away the before :)

Oh and I love your new blog template!

Brabourne Farm said...

I love all the clever things that you do - your fireplace looks gorgeous, perfect for Christmas stockings! Leigh

Debra Lea said...

Thanks both of you! :0) The only thing missing is it being a wood burning fireplace...that would be so niiiiice. Something to shoot for in the future lol

Chris Kauffman said...

Such a big improvement , I lived with a brass band on our fireplace for a few months before realizing it was a magnetic strip...duh