Tuesday, November 24, 2009

New Bedside Tables!

We finally finished our bedside tables!
The tables we had before were too small and just didn't go with the room.

These were our old tables:

These are the inspiration photos for the tables we wanted to make.
We took what we liked best from each table and then designed our own.

Here are our new tables in the making:

dry fitting..

Getting glued up

Then we added a little detail that goes all around the top part of the table.

And now here is one of the twins sitting pretty and
unfinished just after it got fitted with it's drawer.

Here's the new table in it's new home!

We decided to stain the mahogany dark and then applied a few layers of amber shellac
to make it sing. Sorry for the bad pic but the table is dark so it was hard to make it show
up better in the pictures.

I love the shape of the legs, I think they are so beautiful!! They are different from any other legs
we've made in the past, so we are enjoying the look of them.

Sher did a terrific job making them! (as usual) :0) They really compliment our bed and
fill up the space. Our old tables looked sad and small next to our big bed - and it
was difficult reaching out to anything that we put on them (like eyeglasses)!

Well, hope you like them.
We LOVE them!!!


Room Service ~ Decorating 101 said...

You have been a busy bee...new table and a mantel! I love both. I wish I could make furniture... I need a new bench for my guest room. Thanks for visiting.

Windlost said...

Oh my, I cannot believe how gorgeous they are. I am smitten! Wish you lived close to me so I could come over and watch you guys make furniture. Crazy! Tables like that could cost a mint. What a great style. Reminds me of some styles I saw at Ethan Allen with an art deco curve like that. Love 'em.

Good job! love the color too! Enjoy them in their new space, making your life better!

Hope you are well, xo Terri

Room Service ~ Decorating 101 said...

Thanks for the sweet comment on my headboard... I will do a post on it soon. You are not going to believe it.

Brabourne Farm said...

I keep saying this but I have to say it again. You two are incredible - the things you make are wonderful! These bedside tables are beautiful. Leigh