Thursday, November 12, 2009

An old Painting..

I finally have my dining room looking a little cute -at least as cute as it has been since moving in!
I also have a new painting I made that I want to share

- BUT -
The batteries in my camera have died and I can't find the charger!!
I "put it up somewhere safe-a place I knew (at the moment) I'd be sure to find it"
But, as usual, when I do that -I'm never able to find those "safe"things!! haha

So in the meantime, let me share with you an old cartoonish painting I did of myself and Sher...

I always smile or laugh when I see it..
I tried to capture the funny face he gets when he's near a tasty dessert! haha

Wish me luck on finding that charger!


Brabourne Farm said...

And you paint as well! Love the humour in your painting - you captured it perfectly. Leigh

Debra Lea said...

Thanks Leigh! :0)