Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Our Tree is Up!

me and the kiddos decorated our Christmas tree this morning, now the house smells like Christmas!

I used my tablet to snap a few photos to share..although the kiddos were not very cooperative!

Here's what happened when I asked them to stay still:

HAHAHA! Josh is semi still :

Then, here is what happened when I asked them to hug each other;
a mini wrestling match occurred..

Although Sophie did manage to sneak in a choke hold hug while she smiled at the camera!

Poor Joshie wanted out of that hug so badly!


And here are a few more of our decorating time together.
We used all shatter proof ornaments this year so that they could be involved in the decorating without Mommy having a heart attack,making less mess and to save our precious glass ornaments!


-Debra Lea

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