Monday, October 20, 2014

Funny or Gross?

When I saw these rats the idea for these cupcakes automatically popped into my mind.
Some might find it a little gross but to me it's pretty hilarious!

For those that know me, I've had my moments of playing jokes on my loved ones and creating these cupcakes brought back funny memories for me..haha!

One time, I came up with the brilliant idea to fool my sister. You see, when it came to sweet bread she would just jump right into it with a huuuge bite, so really my plan was guaranteed to succeed!!
(with odds like that how could I  not go ahead with my plan, right?)

My plan was: to buy some pan de huevo, which is a Mexican sweet bread and inject it with green and black colored water so that it would look perfectly tasty on the outside but once bitten would look as if it was all disgusting and molded!!! yuckkkk...hahaha

(Omgosh, as I write this I can't help but reminisce and laugh out loud!)
Sure enough, my sister walks in and is all excited to see some delicious sweet bread, grabs the one perfectly positioned for her and takes a huuuuuuuuge bite!

She realizes that her bread is somehow all disgusting and moldy inside and starts freaking out!
She spits all of her bread out, on the floor and starts trying to rid her mouth of any tiny morsel that is left and gagging herself while screaming that she's going to die!

In the meantime, I am totally laughing my butt off unable to control myself, I'm a total snorting and laughing mess and it's awesome!!! hahaha

Gosh I sure do treasure that memory, it went off so perfectly! It was a masterpiece. ;0)
(I know you still love me Li, I love you too)

So, back to the cupcakes! That's what I think about when I look at these creations and needless to say, I surely walk away with a broad smile upon my face!! haha

Thanks for spending time with me today, I hope you had a little laugh!

-Debra Lea

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