Tuesday, September 23, 2014

She's Mellllllltttingggggg!!!!!!

I love being a goofball...because it means I can derive pleasure from the goofiest things!
Which of course makes life more enjoyable, haha ;0)

99.9% of my items are one of  a kind because I hand make most of the embellishments used on them, so I sit and make a batch of what inspires me and I just don't know if I will remake any. 

So if you see something you like, grab it before it's gone! :0)

I just created some new witch themed fake cupcakes and they really crack me up!
It all started out with the witch crash legs and I am so loving the way they came out!!

I wanted the frosting to look like the underside of a fancy dress, 
because my witches are fun witches and they love to get all dolled up!

Then this idea popped into my mind!..How about a melting witch?!
How lucky are they to be melting into delicious frosting? hehe

I LOVE these so much! Every time I look at them I can't help but to start singing,
"ding dong the witch is dead..mean old witch...la la la"

Now that you have that song in your head too, here is another smile maker to enjoy!
This cupcake really makes me laugh because if you look closely the cupcake liner looks like it is her legs, and makes her completely adorable!

I hope you enjoyed my ladies as much as I have enjoyed creating them!

Thanks for stopping by!

-Debra Lea

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