Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Home Sweet Home!!

I get to go back to my hometown for a week!

I can't wait to see my family and the city again.

I'm going to miss my Grandma not being there though.

We are going down to have our last vacation (for who knows how long lol)
and while we are there we will be having a baby shower!

Most of my family is down there, and my Aunt, Uncle and cousin will be coming in
from FL so it should be fun!

Me and baby can't wait for this too:

These type of enchiladas are only served in San Antonio, and my kitchen -
but they are so much better there lol..we don't even have red corn tortillas here!



Can you tell we love to eat when we go back home? 
Vegas just doesn't have food like San Antonio, yum,yum, yum, lol. ..

I'm so excited, I gotta go clean and do laundry and pack! 
See you soon!!

1 comment:

Fallon said...

Nothing like texas mexican food! I am from El Paso Tx so theres good stuff there. Whats your fav restraunts here?