Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A fun Project

Using this wonderful print as inspiration:

And these lanterns:

I'm working on a fun project that will turn these into hot
air balloons for our baby's room. Three of them -the bigger ones
will have light kits so that they may be used as night lights.

I really hope this works out the way I have it in my mind!
The hardest part will probably be the baskets for each balloon.

I'll show you how they come out! Wish me luck! :0)


Fallon said...

This is such a cute idea. After seeing how handy you and your hubby are, I'm sure they will be terrific!

Windlost said...

Oh, how very exciting!! Love that print and your idea will be fab I bet!! Still loving your green plates on the wall!

Hope you are feeling great...
xo Terri