Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Our Yard..

We have lots of dreams and plans for our backyard...
This is a before picture of the view from the back of the yard.
Here's the after..we trimmed those poor trees a bit.
..Now it seems like they can breathe better!

Here's a before of our tree that lives on the left side of the yard.
I don't understand the placement of the shrubs..they will have to go
- we just haven't gotten there yet!
This is another before picture of the area

And now the after..
He still needs more trimming but already looks sooo much better!
This is my goofy paint doodle lol
We'd love to have a pool to cool off in and enjoy, me and Sher both love swimming..
So we are dreaming of placing it long ways in the yard and having a pergola at the far end.
More trees are also on the wish list with many others such as roses, a fountain, hydrangeas.. etc.

I love this picture...I envision our pool something like this:

Surrounded by a walkway leading from the patio to the pool in either something like this:

or this:

then I'd have my Honey build some nice furniture to relax on...
Perhaps a swing somewhere in the yard?..

Sher is dreaming if a we will definitely have to put one under a tree
Hey maybe someday a dog too!! haha..a cocker spaniel though :-D
Our patio is gonna need some furniture also, thank God I can "order" whatever I like from Sher :0)
These are some inspiration photos for our backyard..
I miss we will be putting some in eventually and we can't wait!
this is a GORGEOUS inspiration photo I saw here on the blog Oliveaux
It's so beautiful, and such an inspiration, it just makes my heart sing.
I LOVE this photo also ..we want to put in some lanterns too, maybe one on each column of the patio and then some around the yard because at night it is pitch black out there!

*sigh* I am SO looking forward to enjoying this yard once we get it a little greener, and get rid of the sharp rocks lol..Just to walk on grass again would be a dream for us :0)


Fallon said...

Man your backyard is HUGE! Thats rare in this town. Your make over looks great already =)

Debra Lea said...

Thanks! :0)'s huge LOL and rare here!!! We were blown away when we saw it and we were also shocked by it not being a funny triangle shaped corner lot which is what you can find in Vegas if you want a bigger yard.

Room Service ~ Decorating 101 said...

You have found some great inspiration...I look forward to seeing what you do. Thanks for visiting.

Room Service ~ Decorating 101 said...

We only have one eating area too, so on laundry day it is very pretty...thanks