Friday, August 7, 2009

Shopping, Shopping...

I LOVE Lowes and Home Depot !

We are ALWAYS having to run over to either Lowes or Home Depot, so much so that the employees recognise us!! (embarrassing haha)

You never know when they are going to have a crazy sale and these past couple of weeks we have really found some wonderful deals!

This was the sad fixture that was in our entry, I guess someone broke the light that goes with it because this is how we got it:
While perusing the lighting section at Lowes I saw this fixture that had been dropped to $78 from $128 ...I thought that was a pretty good deal but held out on it... When I went to check on it a couple weeks later they had dropped the price even further to $32!!
So of course we snatched it up and hung it right away!!

I don't even have a picture of the light fixture that used to be at the front door but just trust me, it was UUUUGLY!!...So it was such a nice surprise to find this at Home Depot, it was on sale for $20 instead of $80!!
I really like it, it's so cute and SOoOoooooO much better than the other thing that was hanging there and it came with motion sensoring.

...back to Lowes lol ...I'd been watching these lamps for a while. Their original price was $45 ea.
I got two of them for $17.95 ea. instead! :0)
Just gotta find some shades now....

These were originally $29 each and I got 2 for $9.95 ea..

Another great find happened earlier this year at Lowes..I found these cute bunny planters for $2 each and had to grab them, I just love them!

Although Lowes is our usual haunt we got so lucky at Home Depot too!!
I've been wanting some of these french looking planters for a very LONG time but they can be a little pricey.
...So I was so excited when we walked into the garden section and ran straight into these...
The sale tag was hidden but we found it! The large one was regular $99.98 and on sale for $24.01!! WOOHOO!

Sher and I couldn't pass up the small planters lol they are just so cute next to the big ones and were 50% off themselves.
We had quite the task fitting a pair of each plus a bunch of other things we needed for his shop into our Altima!!

I'm thinking of possibly painting them to make them look more like the real thing:

Then we'll fill them up with some nice plants ....

I'm working on some curtains for our bedroom at the moment so we can get that space feeling more homey ..can't wait to get them up!
I'll post pics of that project's progress soon, have a Wonderful weekend!!


Room Service ~ Decorating 101 said...

love, love, love it! Thanks for stopping by today!

Room Service ~ Decorating 101 said...

Still can't get over the great deals that you got. Wanted to let you know that the first picture on my blog was a room I did for a client in one day.. the other two are mine. Thanks for visiting.

Room Service ~ Decorating 101 said...

Thanks Debbie, I just may to it !!!!! I will be sure to post it, but it may take awhile.

cotedetexas said...

looking great! i actually like the black planters - they would look good on a front porch!

Room Service ~ Decorating 101 said...

I see joni has been here, she is a great gal. I love that table too, so glad that you liked it.

Debra Lea said...

You are both great gals ;0)

Windlost said...

What amazing finds!! I am so jealous (in a nice way). Love the light fixtures. Nice to find your blog and thanks for visiting mine. Now going to read some more of your posts.

xo Terri