Tuesday, July 1, 2014

It is so HOT outside...

So I decided to make more fake Ice Cream!!
My mind went crazy with flavor ideas so I of course had to make some more!!

(Yes, we did eat some real ice cream too!)

~Oreo Cookies n Cream~

 ~Rainbow Sherbet on Vanilla Cone~

~Rainbow Sherbet on Aqua Cone~

~Classic Vanilla on Strawberry cone with Chocolate syrup and Handmade Sprinkles~

~Vanilla and Strawberry Swirl~

~Classic Vanilla on Sugar cone with Chocolate syrup and Handmade Sprinkles~

~Classic Vanilla with Handmade M&M's~

~Orange and Cream Swirl~

~Chocolate and Vanilla Swirl~

~Mint Chocolate Chip~


...umm, I think you have a little drool there,..yeah right there on the left..
ahh, there ya go, you got it! ;0)

hahaha, all of these are available in my shop and make great gifts, fun kitchen decor or photo props
that will never melt!!

Thanks for dropping by, and please go eat some ice cream already! ;0)

-Debra Lea 

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