Monday, July 28, 2014

A Little Christmas In July

Every July I get the itch to craft for the holidays! I think it might be the fact that it gets so darn hot here, and my mind yearns to escape it!

 So,I made some little snowman cupcake family ornaments for my shop!

One family has a son, the other a daughter but they can be customized to fit your family!

I also made some lovely single snow people. :0)

This one is a mini snowgirl

I need help with a name for Frosty's female friend, lol

I love how cheerful they all look against my new backdrop!

While we are talking snowmen, I also made this jumbo sized cupcake with a fake sugar cookie topper,
I love his sweet smile. He is a one of a kind creation.

Also a first for me is a female frosty friend! I usually just make male sugar cookies, 
but thought, "hey! why not a little friend for Frosty!" I really enjoyed painting and dressing her up, more girl snow people are sure to come!

This is what her friend Frosty looks like:

Thanks for stopping by!
Take care and God bless.

-Debra Lea

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