Thursday, April 1, 2010


My hometown is the Lovely San Antonio.
I REALLY miss San Antonio with all my heart!

Easter is one of those times of the year when I can do something traditional from back
home and fill connected to it again. :0)

I remember very fondly when I was a kid how my Grandma Severa 
would always be saving up her egg shells.

Then close to Easter (and Fiesta time) she'd bring out a HUGE bowl that she had
which was used to mix masa for tamales during Christmas time, and fill it to the top with confetti!

We'd cover the dining table with newspaper and bring out the cups with colored dye, colored pencils,
crayons and markers and have a blast coloring our eggs any way we pleased.

Every time I make cascarones(confetti eggs), I always find myself reminiscing about my Grandma :0)

SO! Cascarones are washed out egg shells that you decorate as you please, stuff with confetti, cover with tissue paper and then on Easter or during Fiesta (a celebration week in San Antonio) you
run around like crazies chasing your friends and family and crush them (in your hand first) on their heads!

Here's how we make them:

I didn't get pics of the naked eggs, but all you do is crack an egg more to one side than in the middle. 
 Wash it out right away and rub the inside with your fingers to make sure it's cleaned out well.
Then just set it with the hole faced down to dry out.

Next you decorate them in which ever manner you choose.

This year we didn't use any dye because we only made a few.
I still find myself coloring them with some of the designs my Grandma always loved.

After they are all decorated you fill them up with confetti.

Next you cut circles out of tissue paper that are big enough to cover up the holes.
Make a glue out of a couple tablespoons of flour and a little water.

Using your finger, you dip into the glue and rub it along the edge of the hole in the shell.
Then grab a piece of tissue and smooth it on .
Like this:

After that just set them back in an egg crate and let them dry!

Now your ready for a fiesta!!!
We usually have them around and then someone will sneak a couple and ambush
another with cascarones ~lol~ which then sparks an all out
Confetti egg battle.

They are always lots of fun.

We used to make tons of these...
They look so pretty and colorful.

Then afterwards you look pretty and colorful too!!!
*Make sure to crack the egg in your hand first and not on someones head! ~ that hurts!!*

I hope everyone has a wonderful and Blessed Easter!!

Sorry for the lack of posts lately but we've been buried in the laundry room redo.
We even handmade our own wood floors!! Yes, you read right lol.

More info and pics to come soon! :0)


Windlost said...

How totally amazing! What a post - I have never heard of this but what a great idea. Confetti eggs - who knew?!

I would love to visit San Antonio some day.

Glad to see your comment today - I was just thinking of you yesterday and that I have been bad about visiting you!

Hope all is great and Happy Easter.

xo's Terri

Fallon said...

You made your own floors?! You guys need your own show! Nice to see your still around :)

maría cecilia said...

Hola Debbie, those eggs are so lovely... and your daughter´s hair looks so nice!!!
Did you aleready buy your gazebo???
Maria Cecilia

Patty said...

Those filled eggs are so cute :) hope you had a great Easter!