Sunday, October 25, 2009

Chair Face Lift

We originally had 4 of these little chairs but over the years 2 fell apart!
They have served us a place to sit and eat our meals, as stepping stools, etc.

They have however acquired too many scars, lol...
Such as: different color paint splatters, joint compound splatters, scratches...on and on..
So I decided to give the last two left a little face lift! I sanded them down a bit and painted them with some leftover paint I had that was used in my art/craft room.

Ta Da!
Here are the freshly painted chairs:

This color just makes me happy.
I WAS going to give them a little sanding around their edges to warm them up a bit, but something tells me that will happen naturally...
I bet by December they will look nice and broken in! haha

One small project I get to mark off of the long list!
Woo Hoo!


Windlost said...

Oh, they look great! I love the soft colour and even better - they make you happy! Good work - so nice to get one thing off the list.

xo Terri

Brabourne Farm said...

Great job - love the pretty colour. Your bathrooms are looking fabulous - they must make the house feel so much nicer. Leigh