Friday, October 16, 2009


Our Bathrooms finally received a little attention
Here's the before of the hall bathroom:
Another shot:
Here's how it is now :0)
I painted the vanity black with red popping out a little underneath.
Made a new shower curtain, added some of my own artwork and painted the walls.
Sher actually picked this fabric out, he has good taste -I love that toile.

Here is our master bath, this is the only before I have.
It's not exactly done though, there is SO MUCH we need to do to it such as:
Raise the super low vanity, new sinks, new floors, well...NEW EVERYTHING ALMOST LOL

But for now we added a window mistreatment and a painting done by me..
To help it become a nicer place to be...
We have one more powder room to go..we have some cool plans for it too so hopefully it'll all work out well..
The dining room is under construction also now..curtains are done -chandelier is up and now we are in the process of designing and building a mirror for the space! Hopefully soon I will get to share that with you ..chairs are also on the "to do" list -so fingers crossed on those! :0)


Room Service ~ Decorating 101 said...

You did a great job! I love that you painted the cabinet and your own art and your own are one talented gal. I am so jealous...

Debra Lea said...

LOL, Thank you! Don't be jealous, your a talented girl too!! ;0)

Windlost said...

Debbie, your hall bathroom is gorgeous! I love the black - it adds such polish. And that toile! You guys have lovely taste. Great job. Wish you lived closer - I could really use some second opinions on my bathroom!

xo Terri

Windlost said...

Oh, I added you to my blogroll finally - sorry I was SOOOO slow.
xo Terri