Saturday, June 15, 2013

Our Backyard Pt: 3

Concrete Curbing

We decided to use concrete curbing to seperate the different areas in the yard. For example, under the tree we will have rocks and on the other side of the curbing will be our lovely grass!

Here is the view from the "rose wall" side of the yard, looking onto the play area and future shed.

The view from the "rose wall" looking towards the house.


We chose to use sand in the play area and will be putting in a playhouse/swing set for the kiddos!
Here is little Miss Sophia enjoying her brand new, fluffy sand!!! 


Fallon said...

It's turning into a dream backyard :)

Windlost said...

Wow - large and amazing progress!!! :)
Looks hot there. Raining here all this month. :)

xo Terri