Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Last Saturday I turned 30 years old.

I really thought I'd feel grown up by now, especially after having a baby..but nope -I still feel like I'm immature and don't know what I'm doing! I'm thinking that might be a good thing and I'll just always be young..hehe

It was a great day, even though I wasn't too excited about the number at first. We ate under our new gazebo and in the middle of the meal, the Lord showered us with a strong rain that just started from nowhere! It was the best part of the day- totally fun and memorable. :0) We had to make a run for it with our food and chairs in tow.

 Here we are all smiles and soaked..

After the rain settled, just because I'm such a grown up - we had a water balloon fight. It started out innocently enough but Sher always gets mischievous!

Here is a photo snapped right as he slammed me with a water balloon smack on the side of my head!! It's embarrassing but hilarious, so I will share the photo...

..and since I shared an embarrassing pic of me, here's one of my Mom and sister Delilah (hehe)

It was a fun and really great day and I was blessed with RAIN, a true blessing here in the desert! I even had 2 cakes - a first for Mom and sister made one and Sher's mom made the other :0)
..and yes, I was able to blow out all the candles..YAYY...hahaha

Thanks to everyone for making my day special. I love you all very much. Now here is a picture of the best gift I have ever received, enjoying her time in the water..she is a total water baby :0)

Thanks for stopping by and remember:

God Bless.


Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

Happy Birthday girl!! I'm a decade older than you and say having silly fun is a GOOD thing! Looks like you had a fun day!

maría cecilia said...

Happy birthday Debbie!!! Feliz cumpleaños!!! 30 years is a great age, enjoy it to the fullest!!! and oh my god, Sophie is soooo adorable and grown up, a lovely, darling cute baby!!!
hugs dear

Windlost said...

Happy belated Debbie - welcome to your olden years. Haha. You are still a baby!!

Sorry I missed this before now..
Happy Birthday!
xo Terri