Saturday, September 19, 2009

A Few Projects Done:

I was able to mark off a couple of "to make" things off of my list!!

Here he is: A Paper Monster! ...jk
Although your guesses we good Vicki, I was making a Mummy! lol :0)

I should have made him more straight lined, but he's curvy..
so what hehe..I'm curvy too! HAHA

The cardboard haunted house in the background is a project from a couple years ago..
This next project is one I've wanted to do for a while, because I am sweet obsessed!
I collect ceramic cakes and pies and love the candy/sweets Halloween and Christmas themes!
All those little candies you see around the mummy are handmade by me..told you I was obsessed LOL

The best compliment I have received though is when my mom came over last year after I had just made the candies and she popped one of the caramels into her mouth!!
She had the funniest look when she ran into foam clay and not a soft, delicious caramel!!

So anyway, this project is perfect for me and I LOVE it!!!

I used a scrap of old sheet I had...just cut, painted and sewed a tube:

This little guy I made a couple years ago, but he's so cute I had to share :0)

Coming up I will share the photos of the finally finished closets!
As for's time to grill up some burgers! YUM.


Room Service ~ Decorating 101 said...

You are good. I have never really gotten into Halloween, so my daughter that just moved into her new house is going to have a huge Halloween party and take that on each coming year. I am going to forward her this, she would love it. Thanks, now it is time for the witch and the scarecrow...

Room Service ~ Decorating 101 said...

Debbie, it is so true about fighting with a space...that powder room is dark and needed to be designed with dark things. If it had had a huge arch window I would have gone with something light and airy. Each room will tell you what it wants....

Brabourne Farm said...

Such a cute little mummy! Leigh

Fallon said...

Cute crafts!!! I too am loving this weather :) This morning was soo nice with the rainy clouds hanging over the mountains.